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Friday, 25 November 2011

Looking Forward to the Dirty Thirties...

Tomorrow, a luxury Mercedes-Benz coach will take me and 33 pals to Newbury for the SportingBet festival's dramatic conclusion: Hennessy Gold Cup Day - the event that, one year ago to the day, sewed the seed that turned me from a casual punter with an interest in horse racing, into a gambling addict with a passion for the turf.

I'm laying £50 of Binocular in the Fighting Fifth up in Newcastle, and am yet to place a bet for the Newbury meeting.  Great Endeavour's trouncing of the field a few weeks ago in the Paddy Power is still fresh in my mind, but I will wait until the morning to make my mind up on the se7en races in Berkshire, and place most bets at the track, enjoying the banter and bedazzlement of my 30th birthday outing.

A quick word for Big Buck's, who for me is the highlight of tomorrow's card - currently trading at 1.21 on Betfair.  He is one hell of a hurdler and with bank accounts paying paltry sums of interest, those of you burying acorns for your kids' futures or the holiday of your dreams could do far worse than investing all of your life savings in this almighty beast tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. WHY the apostrophe in Big Buck's's name? Anyone know??!